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The Value of Residency Personal Statement Examples

You cannot underestimate the value of residency personal statement examples to guide you through the process of writing your own residency personal statement. Examples posted on our site are just that – examples of the type of writing we can provide for you when you place an order at ResidencyApplication.NET. You may think that the personal statement residency examples we provide are general in nature and this is true. The reason for this is just to give you an idea of the type of detail we can use from the documents you send us about your experiences and education.

Why We Post Residency Personal Statement Examples

We do not use any specifics about medical experience in our personal statement for residency examples. These are unique to your individual residency personal statement. Example information of medical test results may not be accurate and this could lead to confusion if you were to use one of our samples as your own work. Other facts you need to know about our personal statement examples for residency include:

  • For every order we write an original residency personal statement. Examples are only for you to see how the information can be organized.
  • Through our personal statement residency examples you will get an idea of the type of information you need to include in such writing.
  • You will see that each of the residency personal statement examples is geared towards a different residency program.

Residency Personal Statement Example for Admission to Family Practice Medicine

The wonder of new life coming into the world has always held a great fascination for me. Obstetrics and gynecology enforces the wonders of humanity. No one can deny that there is something special about holding a newborn and placing it in the waiting arms of its mother. Through my training in Obgyn at Osaga Teaching Hospital I had many opportunities to work with pregnant women and newborns in the neonatal unit. This solidified my desire to specialize in family practice.

The highlight of my training occurred in the operating room. Here I had many opportunities to assist surgeons for both minor and major surgeries. It is here that I developed the skills needed to carry me through to work independently, but I also gained valuable experience as working as a team member. I worked with many pregnant patients who had complications and dealt with emergencies that can develop during all stages of pregnancy. The treatment of infertility was one in which I became very interested. Other skills that I honed while at this hospital include monitoring labour and counselling patients in family practice.

I recognized that I do have limitations and I have learned to ask for assistance when I realize that I have reached my limits. I do have a great bedside manner and have been able to allay the fears of expectant parents while waiting for the baby to be born or for a diagnosis. For me, caring for the patient’s emotional needs is a vital part of the treatment.

I have one overall goal for this residency in family practice – to continue learning so that I can be the best doctor for my patients. I wish to explore the area of treatments for infertility for women who are unable to conceive but want to be mothers. My wife and children are very supportive of my plans for the residency and know that there will be times when I am unable to be with them for important family events. I look forward to furthering my education in family practice as part of your program.