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Guide for Completing an Internal Medicine Residency Application

Even though you cannot submit an Internal Medicine residency application until after you graduate with your degree as a medical doctor, you should have your CV and personal statement completed by the end of your third year of medical school. Many prospective residents do not realize that an Internal Residency personal statement is for more than to submit with your application. You are required to submit letters of recommendation along with your personal statement. Residency, Internal Medicine in particular, consists of many different specialties and sub-specialties. In order for those writing the recommendation letters for you to have a clear view of your goals, they also need to have a copy of your personal statement for Internal Medicine.

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Tips for Writing a Personal Statement for Your Internal Medicine Residency Application

Just as the writers at ResidencyApplication.NET can provide you with valuable tips about what to include in an Internal Residency personal statement, they can also tell you what you should never do when writing this document. The residency directors for the specialty program of your choice also take this time to assess your writing ability and the manner in which you can express your motives and long term goals.

  1. For the purpose of an Internal Medicine Residency application, your personal statement should not discuss the importance you place on education. The readers already know that because by now you have spent almost twenty years engaged in learning.
  2. Make sure that everything you write about in the personal statement for Internal Medicine residency has relevance to that program and your goals.
  3. The opening sentence of your personal statement should be interesting, even if you do start off telling where you were born or your childhood.
  4. It is a given that you will type your personal statement. Residency, Internal Medicine and others, also require good grammar, spelling and punctuation. When you write your own personal statement, ResidencyApplication.NET can edit your writing to make sure that it is free of all errors. We will ensure, for example, that specific words are capitalized throughout the document to make the writing consistent.
  5. If you are not familiar with the use of colons and semi-colons, then don’t use them in your writing.

Polish Your Internal Medicine Residency Application

It is not just the personal statement portion of the Internal Medicine Residency Application that you have to be particular about in ensuring that it is clear and correct. Your application should be neat and tidy in every way so as to demonstrate that you do have organizational skills and that you don’t leave anything to chance. After all you are a medical doctor.