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Gain Vital Information from a Sample Personal Statement for Residency

As part of the preparation process of applying for a residency you should familiarize yourself with the writing by reading a sample personal statement for residency that has been written by a successful applicant. ResidencyApplication.NET has had many successes with the writing we have provided in the past for residents in all programs and in all parts of the country. Residency personal statement samples are the best ways in which you can determine how to word your statement to make it engaging and to grab the attention of the selection committee from the very first sentence.

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Use a Sample Personal Statement for Residency from ResidencyApplication.NET

ResidencyApplication.NET is the only site you need to know when you need assistance in writing a personal statement for your medical residency application. We have skilled writers who will take the information in the documents you upload with your order and craft them into a unique statement that will show off your talents, interests and goals in the best possible way. Although we do have personal statement residency samples for you to read, these are not the ones we use when you place an order. We customize your personal statement to match your needs and details.

The services that you can avail of when you come to ResidencyApplication.NET include:

  • Detailed writing about your goals for residency and your choice of program
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  • Editing of the sample personal statement for residency that you write yourself and send to us for critiquing
  • Discussion with the writer of changes to make the writing flow better or sound more positive

Sample Personal Statement for Residency

This is a sample personal statement for residency that you will find at ResidencyApplication.NET

While in medical school I became fascinated with the study of diseases due to the complex issues that arise from the nature of how disease progresses in the human body. During the year of my clinical studies I was always watchful of patients with various diseases. It was through this rigorous program that I cemented my goal of caring for all aspects of a patient – emotional as well as physical.

In my rotation through the various disciplines of medicine, It was the Hematology program that was really the most important learning experience. A patient was admitted with a severe case of pancreatitis. Through my study of the exam results I determined that this patient was suffering from consumptive coagulation which was leading to the formation of minute blood clots throughout the body. Once the patient received the proper treatment, the symptoms subsided.  However, I had other opportunities to deal with this same patient as part of the Liver team and the Infectious Disease team in the subsequent rotations. At the end of my clinical rotation the patient was still in hospital. I still wonder what else could have been done to control the disease.

Furthering my learning has always been my focus since I first entered medical school. I have travelled to several different parts of the world on a volunteer basis, such as to bring assistance to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. This has given me a great opportunity to work as a team member. By travelling and working in Spain in the summer of 2010 I gained valuable information about the health care system in that country and carried out a comparison of aspects that are better than our health care system here at home.

I am eagerly anticipating the start of my residency. I am determined to succeed and reach my goals. I am well aware of the rigorous life ahead of me in the program and I look forward to becoming the doctor that I want to be – a valuable addition to the medical profession.