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Five Things to Know About Writing a Residency Personal Statement

The residency personal statement is the single most important part of your medical residency application. All of the other applicants have proven themselves worthy of being in medical school just as you have so you have to distinguish yourself in the writing in order to stand out above the other residents vying for admission to the same program. You have already jumped one major hurdle – you are a doctor so you don’t have to write about your decision to follow a career in medicine in the personal statement for residency. ResidencyApplication.NET provides exceptional residency personal statement help both in actually crafting the statement for you or editing your writing.

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What Is Expected of a Residency Personal Statement?

  1. Residency personal statements should be specific and concise. Many of the residents completing a medical residency application know what specialty they want to pursue and have a particular hospital at which they want to train. This should be the focus of the personal statement. Residency application selection committees want to discern how dedicated the applicant is to the specialty and the level of experience they bring to the program.
  2. If you are one of the residents who does not yet have a clear focus of the area of medicine in which you want to specialize and are applying to several hospitals and programs, it is important that you write a different residency personal statement for each application. You should never make the mistake of thinking that one personal statement for residency will fulfill the requirements for all programs.
  3. You should not omit any accomplishments in your residency personal statement if you feel as they have a direct bearing on the admission process. Your resume should be used as a guide for this purpose, but specific aspects should be discussed in greater detail.
  4. Include information about your interests and hobbies outside of the medical profession on your personal statement residency application.  This will show that you are a well-rounded individual.
  5. Discuss your plans for the future to conclude the personal statement. Residency programs want to know what your goals are for both the program and your medical career.

Personal Qualities that Play a Part in a Residency Personal Statement

The selection committee for residency applications look for more than your ability as a doctor when they read your residency personal statement. The writers at ResidencyApplication.NET are well aware of this as well as the requirements for the various programs. This is why so many residents turn to us when they need residency personal statement help. Examples of the qualities needed for various specialties include:

  • Anaesthesiology – ability to work as part of a team
  • Internal medicine – diagnostic and problem solving abilities
  • Pediatrics – a love of working with children

ResidencyApplication.NET can highlight your personal characteristics to match the program for which you are writing a residency personal statement.